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What do we do here at Eye Love? Our hope and effort is put towards making the patient feel comfortable and treated like family with the most UP TO DATE equipment possible. Technology has come so far, particularly in eye examinations and glasses. We have found that utilizing technology, in all aspects of our examinations, allows a more thorough and less stressful experience for our patients.


Dr. Samantha Hamblet, owner and optometrist at Eye Love Dupont, regularly takes the time to truly get to know her patients as the unique person that they are and tries to treat their situations with the same custom-tailored care. We strive to help you to see and look your best, look out for your eyes like they were our own, and get to know YOU as a person.

Eye Love Dupont WA Eye Doctor

Our Optometrist Services

We, at Eye Love Dupont, enjoy seeing patients of all ages for their glasses, contact lenses and eye health needs. We have a special interest in technological advances in eye care and strive to integrate the most cutting-edge instruments to aid in diagnosing and managing all eye conditions. We specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and management of a wide array of eye diseases, conditions, and problems.

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Eye Love Dupont WA Eye Doctor

Annual Eye Exams

At Eye Love Dupont, we recommend scheduling a comprehensive eye exam annually. Annual eye exams are essential for detecting common eye diseases and assessing your overall eye health. Even if you feel as though you don’t have any issues with your vision, scheduling an annual comprehensive eye exam is the key to healthy vision.

Eye Love Dupont WA Eye Doctor
Eye Love Dupont WA Eye Doctor

Emergency Eye Care

If you or your family find yourself in an eye emergency, Eye Love Dupont is available and ready to handle it. We are equipped to treat the majority of common eye emergencies, ranging from infections to trauma to dislodged contact lenses.

Specialty Services

Contact Lens Exam

Through your comprehensive eye exam at Eye Love Dupont, we’ll take a look at what lenses are best for your based on your eye health and overall lifestyle. We ensure that you’ll leave with lenses that are perfect for your needs.

Diabetic Eye Exam

If you are diabetic, it is important that you pay close attention to your ocular health. Because diabetes and vision are closely related, you should be scheduling an annual diabetic eye exam at Eye Love Dupont.

Eye Allergy Evaluation

Red, itchy, or watery eyes are all indications that you may be suffering from eye allergies. At Eye Love Dupont, we evaluate your symptoms and treat chronic eye allergies daily.

Macular Degeneration

The retina is the portion of the eye that provides central and sharp vision, as it focuses on processing the finer details of an image. Macular degeneration is an age-related condition that happens when the macula is breaking down, affecting how your vision responds to different lighting.


Cataracts come with age and cause the lens in each eye to become cloudy and thick, which can affect how well you see in low-lighting conditions. Because the development of cataracts happens as you grow older, annual eye exams at Eye Love Dupont are essential to your eye health.


Glaucoma is an age related condition and is caused by increased pressure in the eyeball. The increased pressure causes damage to the cells that connect your eye to your brain, which results in vision loss. Scheduling annual exams at Eye Love Olympia will ensure that you are screened for glaucoma, as it is often difficult to detect on your own.

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